Thursday, July 27, 2017

Finally...PAO date set!

I am LONG overdue for an update so I will try to make it short and sweet.

After having my labrum repaired last June, the pain in my hip never improved. I was finally able to get an MRI (of both hips since the right one has started to become symptomatic) in April. The scans showed a labral tear in the right hip (the one that started to show symptoms, but still remained my "good" hip) and 'no evidence' of re-tear in the left hip. However, the one labral tear was enough to get me a referral from my family doctor to the hip dysplasia specialist that I've been trying to go see for 9 months now -- Dr. Ira Zaltz in Royal Oak, MI. After last year's scope (with another ortho) failed, I began doing research on hip dysplasia and who specializes in it. I was lucky enough to find Dr. Zaltz, who is well-versed in hip dysplasia as well as the surgery to address it...and he was only an hour away from home!

My appointment with him was on May 18th and went exactly as I expected. He looked over my MRIs and did his own set of x-rays. He told me I do have bilateral hip dysplasia and that the left (the one I had repaired last year and that is the most painful) is worse than the right. He said I have minimal arthritis and said that I was a reasonable candidate for a periacetabular osteotomy (PAO). He did caution that since I had the repair on my labrum done last year and that had failed, that my cartilage would not be as hearty as it would've had I not had the scope done, however, he thinks the PAO should help my pain and put off the need for a total hip replacement for a long time.

He seemed surprised that I had so few questions and was ready to go ahead and set my surgery date that day. I explained to him that I have done tons of research since my scope last year and had already made the decision that this was the route I would need to go. So the appointment ended up setting up a date pre-op for a CT scan (done at his hospital, Beaumont Royal Oak, his preferred place because he likes the equipment used there) as well as a surgery date, pre-op and first post-op appt.

CT Scan @ Beaumont - July 12 - 12:30pm
Pre-Op Appt. - July 31 - 1:45pm
Surgery - August 8 - will get time the night before
First Post-Op Appt. - August 28 - 1:15pm

Now I'm just finishing up work - my last day before surgery is Friday, August 4. I think I've got all the things I need for post-op, including Mobilegs Ultra crutches, shower chair, ice machine, toilet seat riser, etc. I'm just ready to get this behind me and start recovery already!

Friday, November 18, 2016

I Miss Running

I have been horrible about keeping this thing updated. With work and personal, I've been so busy and just have not had the time.

I'm now 5 months post op from hip arthroscopy and most days, I can hardly tell I had surgery. And by that, I mean that I'm still having issues. While my hip has little to no pain, all the areas around it are inflammed, tight and causing pain. I had an SI joint injection on Nov 1, as well as one on the side of my hip for bursitis. The injection itself didn't take long, but man was it painful. They numbed it first but honestly I don't think it made much of a difference. It was SO much pressure I wanted to chew my arm off. It felt like she was putting all her body weight on the needle. I'm still traumatized just thinking about it. The bursa injection was easy peasy compared to the SI.

The first couple days after the injections, the pain got worse. But after that it seemed to slowly improve. After 2 weeks, my pain levels in my SI joint were down. However, now I seem to be having pain from tight piriformis and glute muscles (on op side). Due to that, I decided it was time for another massage (on Monday, Nov 14). Again, that flared things up for a couple days, but now I'm getting some relief. By the end of the day, the pain usually returns, but for the most part, foam rolling and stretching are making a difference. I've also requested to go back to PT, which I start next Wednesday, Nov. 23. Hoping to make more progress and reduce pain even further.

In addition to all of this, I'm really starting to miss running. I see all of my running friends on Facebook posting all their workouts and fun races, and I'm so jealous. Something that I loved doing so much and that was such a stress reliever, and I honestly don't know if I will ever be able to run again.

Goal #1 right now is to be able to do normal daily activities without pain.
Goal #2 would be to eventually be able to run/walk 5Ks.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016 Highlights

Aug 1 - Fear this may be causing my low back pain:

Aug 5 - Olympics in Rio start! 

Aug 6 - We had a garage sale - which I fell asleep during! Garage sales are hard work, ok?

Aug 7 - Visit to ER. Revealed a UTI and ovarian cyst but I still believe my pain was from an abdominal strain from PT (one legged bridges)

Aug 11 - Dr. Farjo follow-up from hip surgery. He said my range of motion is good and so far everything is going fine. Also went to urgent care - UTI wasn't clearing up. New antibiotic.

Aug 13 - lower abdominal pain returns making PT virtually impossible.

Aug 16 - My bday :)

Aug 17 - Family doc appt at 11:20. UTI still not clearing. Got another new antibiotic.

Aug 22 - A rare good day. 9 weeks, 5 days post op and minimal pain in morning. PT when got home and did 0.5 mile walk with two 35 second jogs. Step count is best I've had in a very long time! 6,197 steps.

Aug 23 - Walked again with two 30 second jogs. Went 0.5m in 10:45. 1m on recumbent bike as warm-up and also PT exercises.

Aug 24 - Finished with PT exercises and recumbent bike (1.8m). Did 0.5 mile walk with two 30 second jogs again since it didn't hurt after Monday. Feeling amazing this week! My left leg is still smaller than right but I know it will catch up eventually. Eek, progress!!

Aug 29 - Went to have a massage and also tried cupping. Interesting!

Aug 30 - My originally surgery date. Instead I am almost 11 weeks post op!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016 Highlights

July 1 - Can lay on left (operative) side for a limited period of time WITHOUT pain

July 2 - Went out with D using crutches. Then he pushed me around in wheelchairs - antique shop, mall, Five Guys, Best Buy, Coldstone :)

July 4 - Complain about fireworks...a lot! And turn all of Bradys car seats forward facing...yay we made it 3 years!

July 5 - 2:24 on my recumbent bike

July 8 - Walked around house with no cane, but sore later. Back to the cane July 9.

July 9 - Went to see Finding Dory with D at the theatre. Upright seats were not nice to me.

July 11 - First PT visit at Optimal. Should've started sooner but took a while for insurance to approve. Mostly just tests and measurements today.

July 13 - 4 weeks post op - walked into PT without a cane. 10 mins bike, 10 mins treadmill walking 1.4mph, 30 mini squads, 3 types of leg raises 30 of each both legs, 5 mins bridges, 5 mins clamshells with resistance band, 5 mins heels slides, plus hamdstring and calf stretches.

July 15Felt better after than when I went in. 0.46 on the bike 10 mins, hamstring and calf stretches, 30 mini squats, leg raises 3 types 30 of each for each leg, 5 mins clamshells with band, 5 mins heel slides, 5 mins bridges, 10 mins treadmill walking 0.26 miles. Still some soreness now so I'm icing. But I'm seeing progress. 

July 16 - Went to see The Secret Life of Pets with mom at a theatre with reclining seats!

July 18 - Feeling hopefully and pain much less. Third PT today. Was sore when I got home but iced again and better for now. 10 mins 0.50 miles on bike, hamstring and calf stretches, 30 mini squats, 30 toe raises, 3 types of leg raises 30 of each for each leg, 5 mins bridges, 5 mins heel slides, 5 mins clamshells with resistance, 4 laps around room side steps, 10 mins treadmill 0.32 miles.

July 19 - First PT at home and finally got to use my Garmin again! 0.4 walk in 10:05. Recumbent bike for 5:06 for 0.67m.

July 20 - First day back to work - only half days this week. Walked a total of 2,362 steps today. Hurting a lot by time I got home.

July 245.5 weeks post op, 10 mins on bike (1.44m), plus all my PT including 30 mini squats, 30 wall sits, leg raises, bridges, and walked around the block. First time hitting 0.5 mile (12:53).

July 25 - Full work day + PT. 0.6m walk in 14:40. 6 mins on bike 0.93m. Also did all PT exercises. 

July 27I'm 6 weeks post op today. It's been the longest fastest 6 weeks ever. If that makes any sense. I have been off crutches for 3 full weeks now. Haven't used the cane in 2 weeks. I've been back to work for a week now and am capable of working for 8 hrs a day but haven't worked a full 5 days of 8 hrs a day due to appointments. I am still in PT 3x a week and improving. I can walk 0.6m at one time in 12:30 minutes and even walked 5,000 steps that day (5.5 weeks). Most days I average 3,000 steps. I'm still experiencing some pain but mostly muscle soreness and tightness, most of which can be helped by icing. Looking forward towards lots more improvement and less and less pain! Signed, hopeful hippie

July 28 - Started watching Stranger Things on Netflix!

Late July - lower back starts hurting even though hip is improving

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brady's 3rd Birthday 6/27/13

I knew this day would be tiring since I'm only 10 days out from surgery, and it was, but I had a lot of people helping with everything. My dad and step-mom came up from Tennessee for the weekend. All the other grandparents came over, as well as one of D's best friends and my brother, his girlfriend and her son. It was a beautiful day...a little hot, but beautiful. We just did a backyard gathering...put up a large tent and had a cookout.

Father in law, step mom, dad and  hubby setting up
I hung out with the dog :)

The birthday boy before the party
I managed to use my cane for the most of the day, but was pretty sore by the time the day was over!

with his new bubble machine

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 1 Post-Op

6/18/16 Large bandage off, just bandaids now

Here are links to the procedures I had done. This one is not me but it is my surgeon:

June 22, 2016 - 1 Week Post-Op ApptGot my stitches removed. Met with Mike, one of the PA's. Not much to talk about he just said I could start weaning off the crutches. I tried this later when I got home, but it was too much pain :( Still taking pain meds every 4 hours (and mostly thru the night still too).

This week I spent A LOT of time watching the US Olympic Trials!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Surgery Day

Well today is the day of my surgery. I didn't really have time to be nervous since I just scheduled it yesterday. It was supposed to be August 30, but yesterday (June 14) I got a call that there was a cancellation but it just happened to be June 15, the next day. I freaked out a little at first, but figured I'd rather just go ahead and get it over with. I talked with work and family and agreed to go in for surgery the next day.

So, I got up fairly early as I had to be at the surgery center in Novi by 730am. Doug and Mom went with me, and we took my father in law's van as I figured it would be easier to get in and out of afterwards.

They get me set up in pre-op fairly quickly, and Doug and Mom talked to me for almost an hour straight until it was time to go back. This was good because it kept my mind off of the surgery. Just before, Dr. Farjo came in and marked the correct hip. Off we went. I remember there being 6-8 people in there setting up...and was only awake for about 30 seconds before they put me under.

I was later told by my husband that surgery only took about 45 minutes, which is pretty fast for all the work I had done - labral tear repair with one anchor, femoroplasty and shaving of bone spurs, bursectomy and IT band release.

I woke up in awful pain but my nurse was so amazing. She was very soothing, kept telling me to take big breaths. She kept trying to give me morphine, but it just wasn't helping. I've had this issue really doesn't work for me. So finally she gave me dilaudid, which finally started to ease the pain. I fell asleep for a few minutes, then woke up again feeling at least a little better. They gave me some water and animal crackers to make sure I could eat and drink without getting sick. Luckily I never had issues with nausea. I was then allowed to get dressed - I brought a heavy sweatshirt long nightgown, which was good because the bandage was so big, I don't think I would've been able to wear pants over it. With help from mom, I finally got dressed and seated in the wheelchair while Doug went to get the van. Getting in the van was easier than I thought it would be, I guess because the pain meds were still working so well. Half the drive home was great - I felt OK. But after about 30 minutes or so, I was ready to be home. Pain was coming on stronger, and I wouldn't wait to crawl into my own bed.

Once I got home, my mom went to pick up my pain meds from the drug store. Then finally arrived home and I took some. I don't remember most of the rest of the day as I was in and out of sleep. I do remember peeing a lot due to all the fluids I'd been given, which seemed like torture because I kept having to get out of bed and use crutches to get to the bathroom. I couldn't even lift my operative leg without help.

By the next day, the pain meds just were not keeping up with my pain and I was unable to move my leg without excruciating pain, so I called the surgeon and my mom was able to drive down there to pick up a stronger dose. I started taking those when she returned and that helped a ton. I took them every 4 hours even through the night for a while. I had to stay ahead of the pain and make sure not to miss a dose.

The next several days were a blur. I had my ice machine on constantly, pain meds in at all times, drifted in and out of sleep and watched the Olympic trials. I would return at 1 week post op to have stitches removed.

Here are some pics from my surgery:

After bone shaving (femoroplasty)

Inflammation inside the hip joint (before it was removed)

Tear repaired
gigantic hip pad